Edmonton e-Juice

Don't want to be rushed into your vape shop experience? tired of the in and out attitude that has been going around the local shops? Edmonton eJuice is your shop then! Whether you are quitting smoking, interesting in vaping or just a regular vaper we have everything you need and the customer service which cannot be matched! If you need to relax and have a vape or just want to chat, our staff/regulars are always interested in talking or spreading knowledge.

What sets apart Edmonton eJuice from other stores really is the sense of community and support. We are the mom and pops of vape stores; quality over quantity. No one feels left out or peer pressured into anything. Our customers are all valued the same, and we will go out of our way to ensure you have a proper vape experience.

Loyalty Program

Here at Edmonton eJuice we have a loyalty program which involves stamp cards. These stamp cards are stamped at purchase with a 30ml of e-juice. One stamps for each 30ml. Once you have accumulated enough stamps you are then eligible for a free 30ml of eJuice! The free juice is entirely up to you as long as we have it in stock and it falls under the 30ml category.


Have some old vaping products you don't need anymore? That tank you bought and used once just sittin around the house? Come put it on consignment at Edmonton ejuice and we will sell it for you at a negotiated price! (PS it's easier to sell used products if you have the original box it came in !) If your product is in bad condition we cannot sell it. The staff at Edmonton ejuice will determine this for you.